Anxiety Therapy

I specialize in counseling for people with anxiety. You may benefit from therapy if you feel overwhelmed, afraid of making mistakes, or suffering from chronic worry about things that might go wrong. I use a holistic approach, meaning I aim to help you find balance in mind, body and spirit.


Depression Therapy

Are you questioning the value of your life and efforts? You may benefit from depression therapy if you are feeling sad, hopeless and experiencing a loss of motivation to do ordinary things. If you're tired of hiding how terrible you feel from others and want to feel connected with life again, reach out for help today.

Spiritual Therapy

My passion is for working with people who are seeking to grow spiritually as they confront difficulty in their lives. I help you deepen your relationship with God (or a higher power) and align your life with what you value most. I integrate psychology with spirituality so you can become your authentic self, balanced in mind, spirit and body.

Relationship Therapy

A crisis in a marriage or other relationship is one of the most common reasons people seek therapy. You may feel angry, alone and afraid, worried about the breakdown of your relationship. You want to stop the cycle of dissatisfaction, blame, fighting or distancing but don’t know how.