On Healing

Reflections on spirituality and living wholeheartedly

How to Stop Repetitive Worrying

Do you feel stuck in worrying about the same things again and again? One of the most common problems people ask for help with is “How do I get out of my head?” The content of what people worry about differs, but the process of obsessive, looping thoughts is the same. As educated people, we…

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How to End the Food and Depression Cycle

  If you battle endlessly with a cycle of overeating followed by depression, you’re not alone. Early in therapy I ask about what foods people eat. I’m amazed at how many people confess to overeating sweets and high carbohydrate snacks. Our food system excels at selling us tasty and convenient foods loaded with fat, sugar…

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Where Do You Find Hope?

These days it’s easy to find cause for despair, anger, anxiety. It’s more important than ever to nourish ourselves with what brings hope. I feel sick to my stomach each morning when reading the New York Times. One day I put down the paper and sat on the new patio with a cup of coffee…

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How to Live Through Pain and Grief

I just finished the classic “When Bad Things Happen to Good People” and highly recommend it. God does not will or cause our suffering, Rabbi Harold Kushner says. God has created a world that is mostly good and orderly, but He does not control people’s behavior or micromanage forces of nature. Therefore pain, suffering, and…

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On Perfectionism, Risk & the True Self

Sometimes we make life much more complicated that it needs to be. As a recovering perfectionist, I tend to think if I can’t do something amazingly well, or if I can’t see how something I want to do will turn out, then I shouldn’t do it at all. Not surprisingly, that leads to self-doubt, feeling…

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Yes, Change is Hard: A Spiritual Leader’s Advice

“Spirituality is always about you changing your own way of seeing and your own way of hearing (not changing other people!). It’s about opening your heart space every day and keeping it open with some form of prayer every few minutes if need be, so that the hurts and disappointments of life won’t close you down. You…

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