Anxiety Therapy

Is chronic anxiety wearing you out? Do the same worries keep going around in your head? Do you keep trying to do more to manage the things you worry about, only to find yourself overwhelmed and exhausted?

If anxiety is a problem for you, you likely identify with some of the following:

  • I want to get out of crisis mode. I can't keep living this way.
  • I want to be able to deal with daily challenges with more serenity.
  • I'm having panic attacks.
  • I feel like I'm 'on' all the time. I want to be able to relax.
  • I have a control issue.
  • My anxiety is hurting my relationships.

Want out of the anxiety trap?

High anxiety tends to lead to one of two extremes: perfectionism and overdoing or procrastination and avoidance of responsibilities. Anxiety often leads to insomnia and physical health problems, as we put off taking care of our health in favor of doing tasks that feel more urgent.

You’re tired of feeling overwhelmed and are ready to seek professional help. You’re a great candidate for therapy with me if:

  • Your anxiety is hurting your relationships, work and/or health.
  • You value authenticity and personal growth.
  • You value spirituality and living a life of love and meaning.

Healing anxiety in mind, body and spirit

I know from personal experience how worrying can take over a life. I differ from other therapists in that I take a holistic approach. It’s essential to include mind, body and spirit in healing.

Recovery from anxiety begins with recognizing your life has become unmanageable. Treatment looks different for each person. In therapy I help you:

  • Tell your story with self-compassion and see your strengths.
  • Check the facts regarding common cognitive distortions.
  • Learn mindfulness practices to lessen the power of negative, judgmental thoughts.
  • Find physical balance through healthy eating, exercise, sleep and other self-care practices.
  • Heal from old traumas that may be contributing to anxiety.
  • Bring spiritual practices into your healing (if you care to do so).
  • Align your life with purpose and meaning.

Today is the time to begin a new way of life.