Alcoholism Therapy

Counseling for alcoholism

You know you’re drinking too much but you can’t seem to stop. You may swear off alcohol, only to find yourself drinking again within a short time. It takes more and more alcohol to get the same effect. When you’re not drinking you feel restless, irritable or discontented.

Maybe you’re having problems in your closest relationships. Your health is starting to suffer. You can’t concentrate at work and find yourself craving a drink at the end of the day.

If this sounds like you, I’m glad you’re considering reaching out for help. If you’re an alcoholic, it is nearly impossible to quit on your own. The first step to recovery is recognizing your powerlessness over alcohol.

Sheila Read, depression therapist

Why you struggle to quit

Alcoholism involves two interrelated problems that normal drinkers don’t have. The first is an allergy of the body. Your body responds differently to alcohol, producing a craving for more alcohol as soon as you have the first drink. This is what makes you repeatedly drink more than you had intended.

The second problem is the mental twist. Your mind convinces you that it’s a good idea to start drinking again, despite your best efforts to stop. The combination of these two factors is what makes quitting alcohol so difficult without outside help.

“To get over drinking will require a transformation of thought and attitude.”

- Alcoholics Anonymous

How I can help

If you’re ready to quit drinking, I offer the following:

  • Assessment to determine the best approach to quitting;
  • Emotion regulation skills to help deal with anxiety, anger, depression;
  • Cognitive strategies to address distorted thinking patterns that result in out-of-control behaviors;
  • Mind-body practices for self-soothing and stress management;
  • Spiritual focus tailored to your beliefs;
  • Information about and referral to additional supports

I started my career doing substance abuse assessments and brief counseling at UNC Hospital. I have extensive familiarity with Alcoholics Anonymous and Al-Alon, the recovery program for families of alcoholics.


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