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Where Do You Find Hope?

Woman meditatingThese days it’s easy to find cause for despair, anger, anxiety. It’s more important than ever to nourish ourselves with what brings hope. I feel sick to my stomach each morning when reading the New York Times. One day I put down the paper and sat on the new patio with a cup of coffee watching birds splash in the birdbath. I felt much better. There is still beauty in the world, still simple joys.

I also feel better when I choose to watch what nourishes me spiritually. I have to stop viewing “Grace and Frankie,” which is funny but rather appalling. People in their 70s still obsessed with sex, drinking and drug use? Certainly they are not the wise elders I long for.

I find hope when I surround myself with people who are authentic and loving. I’m blessed to have regular opportunities each month to meet with friends in small groups for sharing and Centering Prayer.

I realize that is rather rare these days. So many of the people I see as a therapist have become so busy that they no longer make time for friends. Many are so worried about appearances that they can’t express to others what’s in their hearts.

I created a small group workshop called “Living with Love in Age of Anxiety” to bring people together. I’ll share with you the practices of mind, body and spirit that help me, including meditation. I’ve learned a lot over the years about how to let go of anxiety and live with a more open heart.

The first step is to acknowledge that what you’re doing to decrease anxiety is not working. If you’re stuck in the trap of doing more and trying harder, it’s time to let go. The next Living with Love group starts in January 2018.


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